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October 10, 2015

Linux Web Hosting


You have chosen an excellent domain name for your personal passion or your business. Now you are looking for a web hosting package to develop your own brilliant website. You do some search and find offers of Linux hosting or Windows hosting. You are a little perplexed. You read several features regarding Windows hosting you can’t make a heck out of. Description of Linux hosting is not that complicated. But you are running Windows (or Mac) on your computer. Will there not be any compatibility problems?

The Answer is a clear NO.



Your website hosting will be done on, presumably, the best web hosting company, on its own server. Linux web hosting simply means that the web hosting company is running Linux OS on its servers. The content on your PC will never be run on the server. On the other hand, the content on the hosting company’s server will never be run on the server. The question of compatibility never arises at all. The content of your web site is specially crafted to run on the server. And that’s it. 



The advantages of Linux hosting are that, in the first place, it is cheaper, simply because Linux is an open source OS. Anyone can download and run it on their computers and servers. It’s not so with Windows. Linux supports PHP scripts and MySQL databases. Linux is widely believed to be more secure than Windows. It is also more stable than Windows;  hence, the chances of downtime of your website are significantly reduced.

Windows on the other hands can run many different scripts and technologies but these are for more specific needs.



The conclusion that can be drawn is that if you want a personal website or are looking for small or medium sized business web hosting, Linux hosting will be more suitable and cheap web hosting. Leave Windows hosting to be considered when your business has grown up and your website needs certain features specific to Windows Hosting.



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