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Web hosting, boiled down to simplest words, is the arrangement for your online presence. Internet is becoming more and more important in our lives day by day. To be viable, businesses need their own websites. Or individuals may want to have their own website just to share their joyful moments with the friends and family.


A website is much like a house or a business premises. For this, one needs to have a piece of land. This is the domain name, Domain name serves as your online address as well. When you want to use a Google service, you go to This is Google’s online address. Domain names, if not already taken, can easily be purchased from one of several companies that usually also provide web hosting services.


Web hosting is the construction of a building on the piece of land that you have purchased i.e., your domain name.


The kind of web hosting most of the people need is Shared Web Hosting. This is where the web hosting company provides resources that are shared by many customers. Shared hosting is sufficient for personal websites or for small and medium sized businesses too. The benefit is that the ongoing price of the construction, namely the website, is shared too and becomes affordable.


Domain vending and web hosting companies often provide technology and software needed for building a website, for reasonable prices. Or you may avail the services of a web designing individual or company.